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So here are the main rules:

1 – Take your sweets in the morning; it has to be your first meal. It is proven that taking sweets in the morning will result in faster burning of the calories and reduced craving in the rest of the day Visit this LINK for proof.

2 – Take only one piece of cake, or two cupcakes, or three tabs of chocolate. It will be enough to satisfy your needs. You don’t need any more. If you do, than you need to realize it’s just a habit. It will wear off with time, just like any other bad habit.

3 – Let your next meal be at least three hours later. In the meantime you must drink at least two cups of water.

4 – YOU MUST take up some form of exercise. At least walk instead of riding in a bus or a subway, go down from the bus one stop earlier.

5 – You must take at least five more meals. The last one must be before you fall asleep. You must not go to bed hungry. 

It would be best if your diet is followed by phisical activity and calory burning. You can take a look at our suggestions about that here

Visit our twenty minutes a day exercise suggestions. 

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