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• Cellulite reduction instructions
• Phen375 EU is a Food supplement with diet program
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• Water consumption recommendations
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• In a double blind placebo controlled cross over study, an average of 27.4% more fat was blocked in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol Plus™'s active ingredient, compared to those who had not.
• Medically backed by members of the health community
• Naturally derived – all natural ingredients and suitable for vegetarians. ECO CERT certified
• In 2011 a Human Study was conducted on Proactol with 98 men and women successfully completing the trial, with over 70% achieving positive weight management.
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• 100% Pure Hoodia from Kalahari region in South Africa
• 100% Hoodia Gordonii not an extract
• Contains no fillers or additives
• Massive 15000mg per serving (1,485mg of hoodia and 15mg of Bioperine)
• Contains Bioperine which may speed up absorption by up to 30%
Slim Weight Patch
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• The Slim Weight Patch is a new method to help you manage your appetite and hunger cravings. All the ingredients are used in the body’s metabolic pathways and adds to factors that aid in slimming.
• In customer testimonials supplied to Roduve, there was found that most people lose from 2 to 4 lbs. per week. There have been cases reported of as much as 6-lbs. weight loss in one week.
• Patch technology: Most supplements are taken orally and dosage intervals may be inconvenient. Some of them are partly destroyed or neutralized in the stomach, intestine or liver before reaching the bloodstream. Accordingly, a higher dose is needed to ensure efficacy, which in turn may increase the risk of side effects.
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Fitium program
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• Lose weight naturally (no gimmicks or diet foods required)
• Personalized plan designed to maximize weight loss
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• Target the real reasons for weight gain
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 Fat and Disease Risk



Having high blood pressure

Coronary heart disease

Type 2 diabetes development


Gallbladder disease


Breathing problems

Difficulty sleeping

Cancers of the breast and colon

What You Can Do Right Now

- Scale down the amount of food you take but eat more often

- Take up at least one physical activity once a day

- Drink 5 glasses of water every day to feel full and to help breaking up body fat cells

What to do in the long run

- Get a plan of diet and exercise

- Get help from an expert if necessary

- Change your lifestyle completely

Why people gain weight and can't lose it?


If you want to lose weight you must have a plan and stick with it. You must know what you can eat and what you can't. If you have a precise plan it will be easier for you to keep it up.

You need to know:

 - How many calories you can take

 - What food the calories come from

 - How many meals you must have in a day.

 Every calorie counts

People tend to say: "Well it's just lettuce, it has no calories". It does. It doesn't matter how few, and how hard the workout you had afterwards was, it counts. So if you plan to take 1500 calories that is it, no more no less.

 Individual Differences

Another thing most people neglect are individual differences. If you hate one kind of food and you keep pushing it into your diet, that will undoubtedly fail. But if you choose some other food you are fond of and it has similar number of calories and similar type of nutrients, your chances suddenly fly high sky.

If you have troubles adding all these factors into your individual equation, it is best to consult a professional nutritionist. That will ensure you have the optimal regimen for you.

Number of meals

In most diets you find online, the number of meals is completely left upon your choice. The biggest mistake of all. If you eat only two times a day, even though you keep up with your diet schedule, you won't lose weight, you even may be a victim of yo yo effect. This happens because you eat too rarely, which gives your body the signal that it is better to store it because the next meal is not going to happen soon. And additionally this gives the message to your metabolism which will make you feel even hungrier when the meal comes, to get more nutrients to store.

It is recommended to have at least five meals a day. It would be better to try and have more.

Physical Activity

Just eating less or more properly won't help that much. You need to combine it with physical activity. Why? The reasons are numerous.

1) Loosing more weight when burning more calories

2) Speeding up your metabolism so you need less exercises to burn more calories

3) Define your muscles which will show up when your fat is burnt

 How and Why You Store Body Fat

Energy Imbalance

It is all a matter of the energy you intake and the energy you spend on your daily activities. For instance, you spend 200 0 calories on running, reading, working, washing up and sleeping, but you take in 2500 calories with your food. That leaves you with 500 calories for your body to store.

This basically means that if you eat more than you can spend, you gain weight. It takes 3500 calories to gain one pound of fat.

However, if you starve yourself, body is in danger of shutting down due to the lack of fuel, and with the first bigger meal you have comes excessive storage of body fat, because your metabolism gives your body the signals that it is time for saving, not spending.

The solution is balanced diet, with enough calories to prevent the triggering of emergency accumulating of fat, and yet not enough to get them stored because of excessive energy you intake by food.

Type of Nutrients 

The type of food you take makes the difference between gaining and losing weight.

Proteins waste a lot of energy to break down when in your organism so they are not going to get you fat.

Carbohydrates (sugar) are the emergency fuel for your body. They have a lot of energy, but it is spent rapidly if you exercise. If you don't it will be turned into fat and stored.

Fats. It takes a little energy to break down and it doesn't have to be turned into anything to be stored, this will get you fat instantly.  Nonetheless, body needs healthy amount of fat to maintain its functions so you mustn't avoid it completely.

How to lose thigh weight

How to lose weight from your thighs is a question that still hasn't been answered properly at least satisfyingly enough.

What you need to realize is that a few squats a day won't do the trick. You need to work your whole body and start burning calories with cardio workout, swimming, running, playing volleyball or something like that. Additional butt and thigh workout can only improve your results not lead to them. Butt and thigh workout includes lunges, hip extensions, squats and inner thigh press. 

Your diet should consist of a lot of water and green tea as well as some fat binder and burners you may find on our giveaway page.

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