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 Loaded Gun Diet with Sweets


Some people find it really hard to lose weight from a specfic area of the body. Somehow it's impossible to get rid of it. If you ARE one of them, don't BE ONE OF THEM any more. Take a look at this eBook.

This eBook contains unique advice for those who have troubles with the belly fat

If you want to burn the calories you got eating sweets, you need to use one of these methods to lose them. It is up to you to see what fits you best, and it is recomended that you vary them.
HOME EXERCISES - 244 calories in twenty minutes
CYCLING - 280 calories in twenty minutes
SWIMMING - 300 calories in twenty minutes
WALKING - 190 calories in twenty minutes
RUNNING - 290 calories in twenty minutes
WEIGHT LIFTING - 140 calories in twenty minutes
DANCING - 125 calories in twenty minutes

If are really serious about this, you can get a device to control the calories intake and the heart rate. 
This ought to be enough to lose everything you took in for breakfast. And your daily activities will take care of the rest.
Home exercises
You can try the following if you are at home and want to quickly lose enough calories.
- Two minutes of warmup stretching 
- Five minutes of jumping jacks
- Five minutes of squats
- Five minutes of running in place
- Two minutes of cooldown laying down cycling
This seems easy to do when you read it but you probably won't be able to do it at first. Just slow down in the beginning and as the time passes you ought to be able to do it without a pause. 
This will allow you to lose at least one pound a week without depriving yourselves of guilty pleasures. 
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