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  • 70% of the population suffer from hair loss or thinning
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  • What Causes Hair Loss

    Men and women experience hair loss for similar reasons.


    Stress is connected with the hormones. Hair loss may be delayed because of the dormant period of the hair growth. So it could take three months after the stressful event until the hair problems occur. Continuous stress can cause severe hair loss.


    Dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or perms can cause hair loss if used incorrectly.

    Hormonal Changes

    Men type baldness is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which disturbs hair growth. Women lose hair after a pregnancy or in menopause, or any other hormonal distress. Hormones affect the cells of the hairs, blood flow in the scalp area or nutrients arriving to the hair


    Beauty, bodybuilding, medical and other supplements cause hair loss.

    Hair Loss Signs to Notice

    There are different types of hair loss which makes it more difficult to recognize the signs early. If caught on time the hair loss can be avoided or diminished.

    Pregnagcy and hair loss

    Hair usually stays in dormant phase during pregnancy and starts falling out after the delivery. Hair loss in pregnancy can be caused by lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. It can be decreased by improving nutrition but still after the baby comes that bald patches may appear. It may take up to six months for the hair to reappear. Sometimes it may be longer and some women experience hair loss for life. So it is vital to keep your diet healthy and to treat the damage that occurred with hair loss products you may find on our giveaway page.

    Genetic Hair Loss

    Hair loss comes genetically from both mother and father; it can also come from grandparent or grand grandparent. So your father may have hair but you can be genetically predetermined to be bald because of some of your ancestors.

    Warning signs:

    • Bald father or grandfather
    • A receding hairline
    • Hair that is thinner than usual hair
    • A wider centre part
    • You can see the top of your head through your hair

    Telogen Effluvium

    That is Latin name for extreme stress caused hair loss. That involves childbirth, death in the family, job loss and similar events.

    Alopecia Areata

    Starts suddenly in a small portion of scull, then spreads further, and eventually a person may have dozens of small bald patches of skin on their head. In some cases it may grow back on its own, but sometimes it can lead to the complete baldness.

    Warning signs:

    • Hair falls out in lumps
    • Bald patches
    • Genetic predetermination - someone in your family had it
    • Hair loss after an infection

    How to prevent hair loss

    • Healthy diet
    • Don't expose yourself to the heat without a hat
    • Don't use aggressive products
    • Change your lifestyle

    How to treat hair loss

    There are only a few proven products that can help people with such problems. One of them is minoxidil. It was accidentally found during the treatment of high blood pressure that minoxidil is helping the hair growth. Since the seventies it had helped millions of people, but it only works with thirty percent of men, and even less women.

    The other one is a substance called Marine Polysaccharides. They are naturally helping hair growth by helping scalp nourishing and blood flow. It has the result of over seventy percent success of full growth with female type baldness.

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