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Performer5 is a men's sexual health pill that can increase the strength and size of ejaculations by providing essential nutritions.

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Semen is actually made up of 90% seminal fluids with a lot of sugar and proteins; sperm is only 1% of its total volume and the rest are trace minerals and nutrients. 

Taste and smell of semen

Semen is excreted by body which is the reason why one's diet affects its smell and taste.

To get it to taste and smell better, stay away from alcohol, drugs and nicotine and junk foods. It is better to have lots of fruits and greens in your diet as well as a lot of water.

Pineapple, citrus, melon, mango, apple, grape, and cranberry juice makes it taste sweeter . 

What you shouldn't eat? Fish and red meat give it a bitter, fishy taste. Garlic and onion are also foods to stay away from.

Volume of semen

There are several factors which are crucial to the amount of semen you produce. Age, genetics, lifestyle, health, diet.  Some things you can't change but diet isn't one of them. You should try and take in zinc oxide,  L-Arginine, L-Lysine and your volume will be augmented. 

Drinking more water will boost the amount of ejaculate, and the blood circulation will be much easier. Another thing for blood flow is regular exercise and healthy lifestyle in general. Tight trousers may cause problems in blood flow so it is strongly advised not to use them.

Control over ejaculation
Great majority of men consider themselves to ejaculate faster then they should. According to the researches men between 18 and 20 have orgasm within three minutes. Ageing tends to add a few minutes to that number. Now although it is normal to last three minutes, you probably wouldn't like to be a part of that statistics. 

There are several reasons why you want to postpone your ejaculation. Increased pleasure, satisfying your partner, feeling of personal success. 
You may find several methods helpful if you tend to prolong the time of your intercourse.
1) Wearing condoms, they tend to decrease the sensitivity in the area they cover.
2) Applying sprays and ointments which contain a mild anesthetic to make you feel less
3) Masturbating before intercourse 
4) Think about unpleasant issues in your life during the intercourse
However all of them greatly diminish the intensity of your pleasure. You may wish to find another solutions.
If you are in a steady relationship, try dealing with the matter by gradually getting into the intercourse with your partner. Let your foreplay last at least half an hour, so you get saturated with sensations. Squeeze the top of your penis when you get the feeling you have reached the point of no return.
You may also try doing some exercises to get your pubococcygeus muscle stronger which will lead to harder erection and better control over ejaculation. Unlike other muscles in your body you can't really see or control its contractions. It is the muscle that controls your urinating so it is easiest to start paying attention to it when you pee. Stop your urine flow and start again. When you get the feeling you found the muscle you can start contracting it whenever you want. In a matters of weeks you will be able to see the results.

You can find an e-book on PC exercises in our free download section.


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